Departamento de Oftalmologia Otorrinolaringologia e Cirurgia de Cabeça e Pescoço.


Each areas of concentration has a cast specific disciplines. In addition, the program will offer on an annual basis a list of required courses for the two areas of concentration. These disciplines constitute the minimum core curriculum. The other disciplines of the program proposed by the supervisors of each area of concentration and approved by the CPG FMRP will be imprint optional. Optional subjects to be attended by the student will be chosen in agreement with the Mentor, which will focus on those of direct interest to the student's performance and development of their work. The optional disciplines may be chosen from those offered by the entire universe of postgraduate programs of the Faculty of Medicine of Ribeirão Preto. The program doesn´t encourage the creation of technical disciplines imprint or a specialization in any of the areas of concentration.

Disciplines supporting each area of concentration:

Area 17150

ROO 5709 - Ototoxicity, Otoprotection and Cochlear-Vestibular Regeneration
ROO 5728 - Retina and Vitreous Research Models
ROO 5731 - Deafness and Development: Linguistic, Educational, Social-Economic-Cultural Aspects of the Person
ROO 5744 - Advanced Course of Medical Education
ROO 5713 - Didactic and pedagogical aspects in Clinical-Surgical Specialties
ROO 5719 - Teaching Methodology for Small Groups
ROO 5732 - Cellular and molecular mechanisms in the regulation of ocular surface and gland Lacrimal
ROO 5740 - Scientific methodology
ROO 5741 - Basic Biostatistics
ROO 5745 - Virus and Gene Therapy for Eye Diseases and Exocrine
ROO 5746 – Seminars on Science Hearing, Smell and Vision
ROO 5747 - Seminars on Science Hearing, Smell and Vision II

Area 17151

ROO 5711 - Investigation of Nasals and Paranasal Sinuses Anatomy-physiology
ROO 5725 - New Mediators Rhinosinusal mucousPolypoid Reaction
ROO 5734 - Investigation of Myofunctional Deficit on Dental-Facial Deformity
ROO5737 - Ethic and Methodology on Experiment Animals' Caring
ROO 5738 - Essay and Revision of Scientific Article
ROO 5739 - Cells and Molecules Mechanism in Head and Neck Diseases
ROO 5730 – Perspectives in Research on the orofacial behaviors

Minimum Nuclear Curriculum (Requered Disciplines)


ROO5740 - Scientific methodology


ROO 5713 - Educational and Pedagogical Aspects in Surgical-Clinical Specialties
ROO5719 - Methodology of Teaching in Small Groups


ROO5741 - Basic Biostatistics

In addition to these, students can also attend the minimum core curriculum subjects (Methodology, didactic and Statistics) offered by different Postgraduate Course programs of Ribeirão Preto Medical School, USP or units or in other educational institutions .
However, before coursing disciplines in other programs USP or other educational institutions, students should verify the equivalence with the disciplines of our program and present consisting report: Discipline Program, offering period, frequency and concept.

The minimum core curriculum subjects (Methodology, didactic and Statistics) offered by other programs Course Graduate of Ribeirão Preto Medical School:


RPP 5721 - Methodology and Practice Professor of Medicine


RCA 5781 - Quantitative Methods: Basic Statistics
RCA 5782 - Statistics and Informatics
RGO 5844 - Applied Statistics in Biosciences
RMS 5734 - Quantitative Methods